How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infections – You Will No Longer Worry About That Disgusting Smell

Yeast infection can cause discomfort, itching, immediate daily pain, uncomfortable and even painful sex, and ultimately predisposes you to vaginal infections. According to experts, if you want to get rid of yeast infection for good, opt for an antifungal program. Follow these steps and you will never get yeast infection again. Cut down on refined carbohydrates – Bread and most […]

A look at the types of dog breeds by AKC

When you begin your search to adopt or buy a new dog, you will no doubt want to know what options abound. Right now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of breeds you can choose from, each with its own special characteristics. If you search online for dogs and puppies for sale, you will receive a lot of information and […]

NFL 2006: New York Jets

The New York Jets hope to bounce back from a lousy 4-12 season in which Herm Edwards packed up and went to what he thinks are greener pastures in Kansas City. New coach Eric Mangini brings the system he learned from Bill Belichick in New England to New York in hopes of revitalizing a sagging franchise. Mangini was busy from […]

Why choose a Tesla electric car?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your new vehicle, chances are you are considering purchasing an electric car. An electric car is not only better for the environment, but it will also save you thousands of dollars each year that you would otherwise spend on gasoline and other motor overheads, making an electric car a smart buy […]

Green smoothie recipes made easy

Green smoothies are very easy to make, provide energy and health benefits, and are great for natural weight loss. My favorite benefit is that it is anti aging and nutrient dense. You will learn the top 10 tips for making healthy green smoothies. I use my Vitamix blender to make a smoothie every morning that I can have at breakfast […]