Upgrade to high-speed or digital phone lines for credit card processing? I read this first!

Before upgrading your business phone lines to digital or high-speed, it’s critical that you first contact your merchant service provider, or you could end up losing the ability to accept credit cards. As a business grows and technology develops, many business owners will choose to upgrade to a multi-line digital phone system or the increasingly popular Voice over IP package, […]

6 Must-See Malls in Dallas-Fort Worth

Some of my out-of-town friends ask me which of the DFW malls are the best to visit when they come to shop on the weekend. That’s like asking, “Which of your children do you love most?” I like them all. It’s hard for me to choose, as each one has a particular atmosphere, unique combinations of merchants, and even architecture. […]

Relaxed Luxury Vintage

Laid Back Vintage Luxury, a stunning waterfront home designed with open spaces to make everyone feel accessible and connected. Large cusped windows accented with ancient Indian arches showcase the spectacular ocean views. Relaxed, understated and informal interiors, perfect for entertaining or just spending a lazy afternoon reading your favorite book to the music of nature. A feeling of cozy living […]

The great return of oil

Each week brings another series of headlines about the heavy blows that will soon befall the energy sector… “The ‘Death Spiral’ of the Oil Collapse” is coming soon… And… “Oil prices may never recover.” Apparently, very soon, we’ll all be ditching our gas-powered cars and trucks for Tesla knockoffs. The slow-growing US economy and the growing number of wind and […]

You can teach your child to read

By the time my children were 2 years old, they could recognize at least 20 words in a variety of situations. They loved to read and were eager to learn. When other parents found out about this, they also wanted their children to learn to read, so I started a preschool reading program at a local licensed preschool. However, the […]