Bird watching for beginners for hikers

I love hiking. It doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with, as long as I’m on a trail somewhere. One of the things I enjoy is being in nature and having silence or just listening to the sound of some birds. Yeah, it seems like no matter where you hike, you’ll almost always see or hear a few […]

female masturbation techniques

Just because you don’t have a man doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a happy sex life. Masturbation will help a woman get in touch with what really turns her on. This is information that she can share with her man or keep to herself. These are some masturbation techniques that will give you hours of pleasure. 1. The shower head. […]

Choosing a dog: what is the best breed for you?

Dogs can live up to 15 years or more. While they are a joy to be around, careful consideration should be given to whether you have the time and energy for a dog and also which breed is the right choice for you and your family. Each dog can have different personalities and energy levels. Dogs known as working breeds […]

Handicap College Football Like a Pro

Like most of the American population, you enjoy college football and NFL games. One night after watching the games, you think you have what it takes to play college football and decide to give it a try. You spend hours looking at every game, stats and numbers you can find, and finally muster enough guts to place your bets on […]

Saving Water in California Landscapes

There are a number of ideas that must work together to achieve water-saving landscape design and installation. These include: Planting – Choose mainly plants that have some resistance to drought and need watering perhaps 1-4 times per month in the summer. Group plants together that have similar watering requirements. Plants that need more water can often be used in special […]