3 women, 3 weight problems – 1 solution

Losing weight is hard to do and I’m sure YOU know it well. I want to share with you three stories from three different people. These three people do not know each other but they have two things in common. All three were overweight and all three used the exact same method to lose weight. Maybe you will relate to one of them and be inspired BY their story and REMOVE THAT FAT forever like they did.


Stacy was 35 when she reached her weight loss goal. Stacy was always slim and slender. She was active in school on the track team and loved to exercise. She met and fell in love with the man of her dreams. They got married after dating for about 6 months, but love is what it is and they were ready for a family.


Stacy had her first daughter a month before her first wedding anniversary. They were a pretty busy young couple and Stacy stopped running and exercising so she could spend as much time with her family as possible. I’m sure YOU can imagine how busy a new mom can be. Stacy noticed her expanding waistline and wondered if it would ever disappear. He wanted to lose weight fast, so he set out to BUY diet pills. She was happy with the results, but worried about the health risks and stopped taking the pills. He guessed the weight came back with a few extra pounds. She just wanted to REMOVE THAT FAT and be done with it.


Stacy weighed 296 pounds when she had to DECIDE that she was enough to do something fast. He started researching different weight loss programs online. I wanted to JOIN a community of other overweight people and find a program to follow. He knew pills weren’t the answer. He soon found out about a show that changed his life. She was able to REMOVE THAT FAT in a safe and healthy way. TODAY Stacy weighs 130 pounds and loves her life. Oh, she had another baby after losing weight. With her discovery of weight loss, she was able to lose weight immediately after little Stella was born.


Being a single mother of a 10-year-old can be challenging. Lynda was 42 when she was ready to TAKE her life to a whole new level. Lynda was an emotional eater for most of her adult life. His father was a drinker so addictions ran in his family. He once told me: “MY addiction is food that I thought was better than drinking, but I think it is just as wicked.” Lynda decided to get all the TIPS she could to stop her weight gain before it got even more out of control.


Lynda weighed 226 pounds at her heaviest weight. Her son played soccer and Lynda always took the time to attend all his games, as any mother would. It was the last game of the season and they were playing with their rival team. Well they were just rivals on the field, after games both teams would get together for pizza. These teams only played each other twice in a season at some point in the beginning of the season and the last game. Lynda always chatted with all the moms on both teams.


She had noticed that one of the mothers on the other team had lost a substantial amount of weight. I wanted to know exactly what she did to get so skinny. He walked up to Nancy when the time was right and said, “Nancy, you look amazing! YOU NEED to tell me exactly what you did.” Nancy explained everything she did to STF.


Lynda followed Nancy’s advice and lost a whopping 45 kilos.

Then there was Becky, who weighed 381 pounds when she started having major medical problems. Her family was very concerned for her because she was too young to deal with so many medical problems. He was overweight his entire life and when he was in high school he tried to do something about it.


Becky thought exercise would be her best option, so she started training like crazy, but it was too hard on her body and her doctor wanted her to slow down and not spread out as much. She began to feel destined to be overweight. She became very depressed and pulled away. By the time he reached 20, he had given up on losing weight. Her medical conditions started to get worse and she was ready to do whatever it took to REMOVE THAT FAT and never look back. That is exactly what he did. Becky signed up for diet updates on various websites and received an email one day that caught her eye. TODAY Becky weighs 150 pounds and has been freed from all health problems.


Each of these women have completely different lives with similar problems and a common bond. These three inspiring women used the exact same system to REMOVE THAT FAT. Each one came across the program BY different media, one through a soccer mom, one through internet chat, and one through email. Even though they found the same show from different sources, they all ended up on the same website and learned about the same show that changed their lives. NOW, each of these wonderful women has shared their success story with me so I can share it with you. I wonder how long it will be before I can share your success story.

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