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5 tips for printing promotional calendars

With the year 2015 coming to a close, business enterprises and businesses can make the most of this time with a handy marketing tool, which is promotional calendar printing. It can provide an edge over any other form of advertising strategies, making your brand image visible to customers 365 days a year! With more innovations just around the corner with the availability of online printing services, this job can be done by designing a custom calendar online.

What should be the useful tips to keep in mind when printing calendars to spread brand image? Here is an overview of these:

1. Theme

First, you have to decide the theme of the calendar. The overall design should be relevant as well as attractive. It should go hand in hand with the image of the brand, at the same time that it makes it pleasant for the customers. Comments from colleagues can be helpful in this regard. Consequently, the number of calendar pages can be decided, that is, it can be one month on each page, or quarterly with 3 months on one page or even a single page calendar with 12 months on one page. However, it is preferred and advised that business partners choose a 12-page calendar, which would help convey their messages in a better way with varied features and would not seem monotonous.

2. Use images correctly

Online calendar printing can give you the option to customize and choose from a variety of design features and use high-quality images. In this regard, an online printer can be helpful in suggesting the proper use of images based on theme and brand. Too many images can create a messy look; Here you can ask for some advice from expert online printers.

3. Brand Portfolio

Since the rationale is to promote one’s own brand, the calendar can be used as a portfolio. So if you are planning calendar printing for 2016, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase your range of products or services that you offer. Here, the images used in the calendar can be chosen wisely for advertising your products and at the same time, you can also include upcoming events, offers and sales, which would help promote the brand.

Four. Brand logo promotion

Each page of the calendar should include the image of the brand logo. However, it should not be overdone, but should be subtly and cleverly included on every page of the calendar. Here, the online printer can provide many solutions for the perfect design. A catchy message can also be incorporated to match each month’s theme and make it fun and engaging for the customer.

5. Functionality

Whatever style or design is adopted for the calendar, it should always be noted that the calendar remains functional and at the same time looks unique. Ultimately, it should serve the purpose, which is to provide a clear and easy view of the date while still providing a pleasant view.

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