Example of a business plan outline

If you are looking for a partner, financing, angle investor or venture capitalist, you will be asked for a business plan. Even if you do not need capital for the formation of your new business venture, you will still be glad that you have prepared a business plan that helps you prove yourself that you have the right things and […]

Affiliate Marketing Definition – Online

Affiliate marketing, according to Wikipedia, is performance-based in which a business rewards the efforts of one or more commission marketers or affiliates (as they are commonly called) by selling the merchant’s products or services. That said, the system requires four key players: the merchant or retailer, the network (which contains the offers, products, affiliate links, banners, articles, and the process […]

4 Best Influencer Marketing Practices To Get High Returns

Influencer marketing works like a charm and the whole world supports it. But without a solid marketing strategy, even the best influencer marketing software doesn’t pay off. You need to know the best practices for shooting two birds with one stone. Whether it’s choosing the right influencer or delivering user-centric content, everything has to be done seamlessly. Check out some […]

Three persuasive techniques for writers

The art of persuasion was one of the pillars of Aristotle’s teachings more than 2,000 years ago. Aristotle taught three persuasion techniques, which he called ethos, pathos, and logos. These techniques have been used by writers and speakers ever since to change the opinion of others. Which technique works best depends on the audience the writer or speaker is addressing. […]

Adwords Keyword Research Tools and Tips to Find Profitable Keywords

Adwords keyword research tools are valuable and essential for anyone who uses Google AdWords to promote their websites. Most people think that these keyword research tools are only capable of pulling out huge keyword lists for use in your AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Little do they know that these tools are also effective in extracting useful information on keywords that […]

Trademark protection in cyberspace

Facebook has more than 350 million users, Twitter has 32.1 million, and MySpace attracts more than 115 million to its site each month. The number of people using social media makes trademark infringement and brand confusion as easy as creating a username and password. In Dallas alone, where we are located, more than 700,000 businesses in the area have a […]

Tips to boost your business marketing strategy with LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a popular business social networking site, has emerged today as one of the potential platforms for developing and promoting business. LinkedIn, known as the most powerful site for entrepreneurs, currently has more than 90 million registered users. Professionals around the world look to LinkedIn more to brainstorm industry details, strengthen business ties and contacts, and expand reach. The site […]