Disco Dogs!

If you are looking to adopt or purchase a disco dog then you have come to the right place. Many dog ​​breeds for sale or adoption make good discus dogs, but in general you’ll probably look for a mixed breed. Border Collies, Blue Heelers and Australian Shepards or their mixes are historically the best breeds for disc training. Keep in […]

Tips for the care of Shiba Inu puppies

The smallest of the six distinct breeds of dogs that originated in Japan is the Shiba Inu dog. Originally bred for hunting, Shiba Inu dogs are very small but agile creatures. It is their size that really needs to be considered when it comes to caring for them. When Shiba Inu dogs are born, even more care must be taken […]

Canine Diarrhea: A Complete Guide

If you have a dog, chances are it has had diarrhea at some point. Dog diarrhea is not only a disaster, but it is an indicator that something could be seriously wrong with your pet’s health. Remember: Diarrhea that gets worse, becomes more frequent, lasts longer than 24 hours, or is accompanied by fever or lethargic behavior is an indicator […]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog and Puppy Information

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is active indoors, so it can do well in both an apartment and a house. They are very intelligent short dogs that make excellent watchdogs. They are cattle herders, so they tend to try to herd children, adults, and other dogs. They can be aggressive with other dogs, especially male against male. They like children, but […]

What about Frenchie puppies for adoption?

In case you don’t know, you can choose puppies for adoption online. The system is very complex, but it is also the easiest way if you are looking for Frenchie puppies for sale online. Many people who count movie stars and celebrities have French bulldogs and keep them as pets. They are smaller than the normal type of bulldog, but […]

Training training for your dog

When potty training your dog, keep in mind that there are many variables. The age of your pets will make a difference. Pets have different levels of training and habits. These may vary by breed. For example, it is well known that Basset Hounds are difficult to train, while German Shepherds are easy to train. When potty training your dog, […]

The President’s Pick: A Cocker Spaniel

The “ladies’ speech” made the English and Americans Famous Cocker Spaniel breeds almost overnight. Richard Nixon delivered his famous speech on September 23, 1952. Being accused of accepting a bribe, Nixon admitted to receiving a Cocker Spaniel as a gift from a peddler. His daughter named the cocker spaniel ‘Ladies’. Although the AKC separates the English Cocker Spaniel and the […]

What to do when your dog has canine separation anxiety

The techniques in this article will give you a proven cure for separation anxiety in dogs. This totally works, so follow the steps exactly and remember that persistence is the key to any successful dog training regimen. Separation anxiety in dogs should NOT be ignored. It is a major gateway to other dog behavior problems. If your dog shows signs […]