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Could reincarnation be real?

As a writer, I’m always researching one thing or another for a project. For several of my books, I have investigated the concept of reincarnation and past lives. It’s a fascinating subject, even for a skeptic like me, and there’s enough evidence to make me ask: Is reincarnation real?

The basic idea behind reincarnation is that the soul or spirit, after death, is born again in a new body. This new body can be human or animal depending on the choices and actions of the previous life. Reincarnation is a central idea in Indian religions and in many tribal societies around the world.

The belief in reincarnation is believed to date back to 1200 BC. The earliest traditions of India, Greece, and the Celtic Druids included teachings on reincarnation. The idea also appears in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Jainism, African, Islamic, Native American, Scientology, and even Norse mythology.

Even in Christians, although most churches reject the concept of reincarnation, they believe in reincarnation in one form or another.

While primarily a matter of faith, reincarnation has also been considered by some of humanity’s great thinkers, including Plato and Benjamin Franklin. Translations of Plato in the Renaissance created a new European interest in the idea of ​​reincarnation.

Several psychiatrists have investigated reincarnation, including Ian Stevenson. He investigated many reports of young children claiming to remember a past life. He recorded each child’s statement and then identified the deceased person the child claimed to be and verified the details of that person’s life. He also compared the birthmarks to the wounds and scars of the dead according to medical records. Several skeptics dismissed his findings as false memories, pointing out that if reincarnation was real, why don’t more people remember their previous lives?

Some psychiatrists took this a step further by using hypnosis to encourage past life regression. This process involved placing a patient under hypnosis and regressing until she could remember her previous lives. It was believed that current fears and phobias could be cured by discovering what caused the fear in a person’s past life. Skeptics were quick to point out that many cases of “past life regression” could not be verified and patients were accused of imagining the facts.

Despite this lack of evidence, reincarnation remains a popular theme in many movies and books, showing that there is interest in the concept, if only in fantasy.

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