Disco Dogs!

If you are looking to adopt or purchase a disco dog then you have come to the right place. Many dog ​​breeds for sale or adoption make good discus dogs, but in general you’ll probably look for a mixed breed. Border Collies, Blue Heelers and Australian Shepards or their mixes are historically the best breeds for disc training. Keep in mind that some of the best in the world have also been German Shepherds and Labradors, among others, so don’t limit yourself to a certain breed or mix. Do your research and determine which discus dog might be best for you as a pet and as a competitor.

Most people think that when they are ready to select a good discus dog, they should get a puppy and train it starting at eight weeks of age. This is not necessarily true. You should visit with the dogs for sale or adoption you are considering and see which ones are most interested in the drive. Some pups may not be interested at all, but they grow up to be. Some may lose their interest as they get older. Selecting an older dog that is interested might be a safer way to go if you are determined to train and have your dog compete.

Sheepdogs instinctively want to herd things towards their owners. This can include pucks and balls, making chase, catch, and return behavior quite easy to teach. When considering a sheepdog as a pet, keep in mind that its instincts are very strong. They have the need to work and run. Herding is predatory behavior, modified by training. The herd of border collies stands in front of the animals and stares at them. Blue Heelers will bite the heels of the animals they are herding. If you plan to have a herding dog around children, then it is very important to train the dog not to chase the children. Constant contact and exposure to children is recommended. They can be very kind and compassionate to children and adults if they are used to being around them. If they are not, they are likely to try to herd you, nipping at your heels or staring at you without letting you pass. When you adopt or buy a herding dog, be responsible for training it around people. Make sure you have the time and space to keep these active dogs entertained.

Make sure the dog you adopt or buy has the personality to be a good disco dog. Obedience training is important from the start. If you plan to train your dog to compete, choose one with an even temperament so that being off leash around other dogs and humans is safe. Make sure the dog you choose is healthy enough to go through the rigorous training required to prepare a dog for competition. The hips need to be in very good shape before attempting high jumps and landings, so have your dog examined by a vet before beginning. If you choose a puppy, keep in mind that it could be around a year before he is ready for discus dog competition training. Once you’ve adopted or purchased your dog, remember that the number one rule is to have fun together.

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