Dog Behavior Problems: Why Is Your Dog Misbehaving?

How many of you read the book or saw the movie “Marley and Me”? Now THAT dog had some behavior problems. And as fun as the movie was to watch and all the chaos Marley created in his owner’s life, those dog behavior issues (if you experience them firsthand) can be really hard to deal with at times. .

When a dog destroys furniture it can be very expensive. When a dog barks a thousand times a day, it can cause you problems with your neighbors, who just don’t find that noise melodic or pleasant. When a dog chooses to urinate inside your house every day, that’s not only annoying and unhealthy, it ruins your dog’s carpets.

Not all dog problems can be fixed, however many behavior problems can be improved or counteracted. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust your lifestyle to suit the breed of dog you have adopted. And it is that sometimes you have to realize that you have a breed of dog that does not fit in your home and you have made a big mistake in the original adoption.

Some dogs misbehave because the pup had a rough start in life. He may have suffered from not getting the healthy socialization required when he was a puppy. He may have been abused before you brought him home. That’s why taking your time to choose the right breed for your life situation and your family is so important early on.

The bottom line: Even if you made a mistake choosing the right breed for your home, or even if your dog had a very rough start in life, you can still make a difference in your dog’s life if you commit to basic training. , be willing to work daily with your dog, and commit to the long-term relationship.

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