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Explore Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thinking of taking a trip to Vancouver BC with your family? Well, this beautiful city located on the west coast of Canada is a perfect choice. There is so much for you and your family to see and do at this playground all year long. It’s no wonder this city was the perfect choice for the 2010 Winter Olympics and so many other major world events in recent years.

Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with panoramic mountain views, Vancouver is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Vancouver BC is ideal for those who want to escape the harsh winters and visit a more temperate climate, but at the same time have easy access to the world-renowned ski resort (Whistler Village) or just minutes to the city itself. ‘Grouse Mountain’, nestled in the spectacular North Shore Mountains.

Do you want to play golf on Christmas day? Usually not a problem in Vancouver, where freezing temperatures and snow are rare. Rain and pleasant winter temperatures are the reason many people flock to the city year after year.

If you’re wondering what to do in Vancouver, don’t worry, there are simply too many attractions to list, and unless you plan to stay for an extended period, seeing them all would be impossible.

Some of the most popular year-round attractions worth visiting are …

1. Stanley Park… a spectacular urban park located in the heart of the city center. Here you can enjoy a walk or bike ride along the boardwalk. Visit the ‘Vancouver Aquarium ‘ and have tea at the famous Tea House. In the summer months, enjoy the park’s beautiful outdoor pools located by the Pacific Ocean. Summer or winter, Stanley Park is a ‘You should see’ for all visitors.

2. Canada Place… be sure to visit this wonderful complex that is currently the largest tourist attraction in British Columbia. Perfectly located on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver, Canada Place is home to the magnificent ‘Pan Pacific Hotel ‘, World Trade Center, Vancouver Convention Center, Cruise Port and much more. Explore the many exhibits, shops, restaurants, and much more, or just take in the scenery as you watch the cruise ships come and go.

3. GRAMwake up mountain … a summer or winter attraction just minutes from downtown. Enjoy a scenic gondola ride to the top of this majestic mountain and take in fabulous views of the city of Vancouver, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding islands. Have lunch or dinner at the top, ski in winter and go hiking or mountain biking in summer. A perfect place for the whole family to enjoy!

Just a sampling of some of the attractions for you and your family to enjoy when visiting Vancouver. It is a wonderful city and perfect for a family vacation! Plus, hop aboard a BC Ferry and be sure to visit Vancouver Island and Victoria British Columbia. There is so much to see and do on the west coast of Canada.

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