Flappy Bird is fun and exciting, but it also teaches you various lessons!

Did you ever think that there might be a game that could teach you various lessons in addition to giving you a really entertaining time? Well, Flappy Bird is one of those games. This incredibly easy but difficult game had captured the world’s attention due to its simple gameplay but incredibly difficult game objectives. The objectives are quite clear.

You have to earn points by making your bird go through the obstacles. For passing 10 obstacles, you get a bronze medal, for 20 you get a silver and for 40 you get a gold medal. There is also a special platinum medal that highly experienced players can earn. But you have to admit that once you get addicted to these Flappy Bird games, they make you give up everything else in an attempt to win the game. And that’s exactly the first lesson the game teaches you: perseverance.

Flappy Bird is also an extremely difficult game. So when you play it over and over again, hone your time management skills very well. It takes a lot of skill and dexterity to synchronize the wing flaps of the bird so that it can change its altitude according to the openings in the pipe like obstacles coming at different heights. You also have to have really sharp reflexes because obstacles arrive faster and with less and less distance between them as the game progresses. In fact, it’s only after the first ten obstacles are crossed that the game really starts to pick up speed. Flappy Bird games make sure your powers of concentration increase. The game is so intense that the player is totally absorbed by the game. And if your attention varies even for a second, your bird will crash into obstacles. As the game progresses, the stakes increase. Every time he crosses more than half the obstacles that he crossed the previous time, he feels the anticipation that this time he could surpass his previous record. It’s a nail-biting scenario as your bird flies faster and faster and obstacles spin by as you try to beat your own high score or the high score of your friends. If you can beat it, there couldn’t be a more exhilarating feeling. And if you can’t beat it, you can just get up, dust yourself off, and start over. Therefore, the game only teaches you not to be afraid of the obstacles that you face in life and to get up and start over every time.

And finally, the most important and fun lesson Flappy Bird games teach us is not to get so addicted to one thing in particular that you can’t let go of it. For example, fans got addicted to Flappy Bird and then took it from them. Life can also deal those blows to us, but we must not let them knock us down.

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