Free Audiobooks: Top 3 Download Sources

In our hypermediated and go-go society, it is rare to find someone who has time to read a good book. But reading remains one of the best escapes from a hectic world and one of the most genuine and enriching human pleasures available. Thanks to audiobooks, we can regain the pleasure of reading without reducing our hectic lives. Free audiobooks also help reduce the costs of enjoying audiobooks, as most professional recorded versions of novels, biographies, and nonfiction books can easily cost more than $ 25 per listen. To help you fill your digital library with hours of enjoyment, I’ve compiled a list of the top five sources for free audiobook downloads!


Librivox is a collection of literature and texts that have become public domain and can therefore be freely distributed and enjoyed. Most of these texts are drawn from Project Gutenberg, which is a huge database of classic texts, such as Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, James Joyce’s Ulysses, Tom’s Adventures Sawyer by Mark Twain and more timeless books.

Librivox makes things better by organizing volunteers to read books aloud and record them into audiobooks. They are the best stories on Earth provided at the best price, for free. You can download them as MP3 files and sync them to your iPod or iPhone or burn them to CD.

The only downside to Librivox is that, with a few rare exceptions, you won’t have the pleasure of hearing a professional reader or voice actor read the book. Also, the audio quality is sometimes a bit low, making it difficult to hear, especially when the volume is very low. But for a vast library of absolutely free audiobooks, Librivox is the essential source.

2. iTunes U

ITunes Store is an obvious source for audiobooks, but did you know that they have a lot of free downloads too? The best source of free content on iTunes is iTunes U. Here, you can attend lectures from renowned universities, such as Harvard and Berkeley, absolutely free. But the most important thing to us is the Lit2Go audio channel from the University of South Florida. Here you will find free podcast audiobooks to download, such as books by HG Wells, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bram Stoker, and more.

3. Audible

Audible isn’t free, but I’ll tell you a secret – you can get pretty much any free trial you want. Plus, when you threaten to cancel your free trial, they’ll usually sweeten the deal with a $ 20 + coupon. Audible is arguably the best source for professional-quality audiobooks read aloud by renowned voices like Ira Glass, Conan O’Brian, Stephen Colbert, Matt Damon, David Sedaris, Chuck Klosterman, and more.The trick is to never buy anything from Audible without a coupon code or some other type of discount. Audible is very aggressive in attracting new customers and can make this work for you.

So, there you have it: three great sources for endless free audiobooks. Unless you live to a thousand years, you will never run out of free listening material. Enjoy!

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