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High School Musical Movie 2 Plot

Picking up where the first High School Musical movie left off, the second installment in the hit movie franchise begins with the class waiting as Ms. Darbus continues to talk about her favorite summer experience. The class can’t wait until the clock strikes three for the end of class and the official start of summer!

When the clock strikes three, the class explodes into a song and dance number: What time is it? You definitely feel the teenage excitement for the upcoming summer!

Of course, in addition to looking forward to fun summer activities, the whole gang is also concerned about landing summer jobs that will help them earn good money. Troy needs a job to earn money for college. His best friend, Chad, needs to save enough money to buy a car so he can take Taylor to a “proper date.” And girls worry about losing all the great jobs to college students. Meanwhile, Sharpay offers Kelsi a job at the Lava Springs Resort as a rehearsal pianist.

Sharpay also forces Mr. Fulton, the manager of Lava Springs, to hire high school hottie Troy Bolton so she can spend the entire summer with him. Sharpay tells Mr. Fulton to hire Troy at any cost. Unfortunately for Sharpay, Troy convinces Mr. Fulton to hire Gabriela and other East High students as well.

Sharpay was very surprised to find out that Garbiela was not only hired as Lava Springs’ new lifeguard, but Mr. Fulton hired his entire class! When he confronts Mr. Fulton, he discovers that it was his mother who gave him the manager of the complex to hire the whole class.

Sharpay is enraged and convinces Mr. Fulton to find a way to fire Gabriela. There was no way he was sharing his perfect summer with Gabriela, especially since it stole the lead role from her in the school production.

Gabriela worked as a lifeguard while Troy and Chad worked as waiters at the clubhouse. The other East High students work in the kitchen and on the golf course. Because Sharpay is determined to capture Troy’s heart and attention, she ensures that Troy receives special treatment from Mr. Fulton and his parents, who sit on the Lava Springs Resort board of directors. Her parents are also friends with a college basketball coach and she makes sure they introduce Troy to these people.

Summer starts off pretty encouraging for all teens, but Sharpay manages to get Troy excited with the prospect of a great future. Sharpay also manages to corner almost every minute that Troy is at the resort, taking him away from his friends and his girlfriend.

Not only that every time Troy has the opportunity to spend time with Gabriela, Mr. Fulton catches them first on the golf course and then swimming in the pool. Both events are not authorized for golf club employees. A third “indiscretion” will surely get Gabriela fired.

Sharpay forces Troy to sing with her on talent night, so Gabriela practices a production number with Ryan and her other friends. Still at the end, Troy and Garbriela get to perform in front of the esteemed resort guests and Sharpay ends up handing the star of the night award to her brother. Everything works out in the end.

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