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How long do I have to commit to Nutrisystem?

Sometimes I hear from people who are trying to gauge how long they could be on the Nutrisystem diet. But they don’t know if there are any guidelines for how much time you should spend on this diet. I heard someone say, “I’m looking to lose about 45 pounds. I’m reasonably active, but not too much. How many months should I commit to Nutrisystem? Do I have to indicate a certain number of months or a set time for my commitment when I sign up?” register?” I will answer these questions below.

There is no set time to stay on Nutrisystem. And you don’t have to make any compromises: I find some people are under the mistaken impression that the company requires you to stay on the diet for a certain amount of time or for a certain number of months. People also sometimes think that you have to commit for a certain time. This is not the case. The only person who decides about your time frame or your commitment is you. Usually, people stop this diet once they have lost the desired amount of weight. In terms of the woman who asked the question, if she were like most people, once she lost 45 pounds, she would simply decide to go off the diet. When I told her this, she asked me how she would know how much commitment to make without knowing how long this would all take.

What happens is that there is no commitment. Just order your food while you still need it or are still trying to lose weight. You can order food individually, but it will often be cheaper if you order a package. Although it’s hard to say exactly how long it will take to lose a given amount of weight (because this depends on many factors, such as your compliance and activity level), you can get a rough estimate by looking at the averages. It is said that many people lose about 2 to 3 pounds per week on the Nutrisystem. Since this woman said that she was reasonably active, I don’t think it was a stretch to put her in the middle of the range or around 2.5 pounds per week. This is around £10 a month. If she kept up at a reasonably constant rate, then she would wait about 4 1/2 months before losing the full 45 pounds. So it would be 4 packages a month. She could order a 2 week pack for the remaining weight, but a better idea might be to go ahead and get a full month pack for that 5th month so she has extra food to transition. Many people find it helpful to come off the diet gradually rather than all at once.

But to answer the question posed, there is no set amount of time to be on the Nutrisystem. Most people will stick to the diet until they lose their goal weight. And some give themselves a little more time to transition so they have the best chance of long-term success and keeping the weight off.

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