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How To Follow Up (and Get the Client!) After a Discovery Session/Enrollment Conversation

How To Follow Up (and Get the Client!) After a Discovery Session/Enrollment Conversation

Many coaches are great at connecting with potential clients. They do very well in the part of the discovery session/enrollment conversation where they find out what the clients’ challenges are and how they can help them. It becomes trickier when “money talk” hits – not only talking “money” makes them nervous, it also throws them off so much so that they “forget” to set up a follow up sequence with the potential client in the event that she doesn’t sign up on the spot.

If a potential client says she wants to “think about it” or see how she can pull the funds together to work with you, don’t assume it’s the end. It’s best to have a follow up process to keep you confident and make sure nothing falls through the crack.

1. Turn Reluctance, Objections and Excuses Into a Coaching Moment (and a “yes!”)

You know (in your guts) when a potential client is just “coming up with excuses” to duck out of the conversation. Get curious: what is holding her back? What is she afraid that might happen if she says “yes” to herself and work with you? Does she have any limiting belief or misconception that can be easily banished or clarified if you ask the right question? If she needs to “talk to my partner” – does that come from respect, or does that stem from the need for approval or permission?

Approach this from a “powerful coach” perspective, not a “white knuckle” “I need that client” energy. If you help the client illuminate her limiting beliefs or misconception, she will not only be grateful, you may even be able to turn a “no” or “maybe” into a “YES!’ on the spot!

2. Take the Lead – Schedule Follow Up Call and Set Deadline For Fast Decision Discount

If your window for Fast Action Discount or Bonus goes beyond “on the spot” sign up, you want to take the lead and set up a follow up call before the discount expires. (Personally, I find “on the spot” can appear a wee bit aggressive sometimes, although some swear by it so you have to make the call and do what’s congruent with you.) Don’t let the potential client say “Let me think about it and I will get back to you” and then just hang up. YOU need to be in charge of the process.

I normally extend the Fast Decision Discount for 24 hours after the discovery session (I recommend no more than 48 hours) and schedule the follow up call within that window. Make it clear to the potential client that the discount will be valid until the call, and ask for a number you can reach her at. Follow up with an email with details of your program, as well as confirming the date/time/number you are going to call her at.

3. The Right Mindset and Intention – Never Feel “Pushy” Again!

The intention of the follow up process is not to push for a sale. As a powerful coach, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to be there to support your potential clients to make the best decision for themselves – whether it’s working with you or not. If you project the white-knuckle energy of “I HAVE to sign this client or else… ” that will do you way more damage than good.

In your conversation and follow up email, make this intention clear – this kind of integrity and transparency often put both parties at ease.

By the way, I don’t know how the “sales-y” or “pushy” thing become so prominent in the “sales conversation talk” among coaches – it seems to be a sales tactic appealing to a FEAR (of being judged, criticized) and has become a facade for some to hide behind. It is in your head – you are *speculating* that others *may* *think* you are pushy – now it sounds convoluted right? (And, you are the one to put a judgmental lens on, to put a negative connotation on the whole thing.) If you are coming from a place of being of the highest service to your clients, do you care what others *may* *think*? If someone doesn’t get your intention, what fun would it be to have her as a client?

4. Close the Energetic Loop

A potential client who goes POOF! without a making a decision is an energetic drain for you, and for her. Don’t let that happen – you are doing both of your a huge disservice. Getting a “yes” or “no” from her is of course of the highest service for both of you. But potential clients who just “disappear” do exist. Don’t let that drain your juice.

Set up a “follow up rule” – e.g. you would call twice and send one email. Afterwards, “case closed” at your end. Don’t be bothered by people who don’t return your calls – it’s their issue, not a reflection on YOU or your programs. Release them.

5. Ask For Permission To Check In

If it’s indeed not a good time for a potential client to start working with you, ask for permission to check in with her in a couple of months. Maintain the relationship and be genuinely interested in what she is up to, or her progress. Keep a spreadsheet tracking who you have followed up with when, and what they are up to. People will often be pleasantly surprised by such attention – and if the feel that you actually care, they are more drawn to you.

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