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How to successfully organize visits to rent rooms in shared flats

Landlords who rent out rooms in shared flats and shared houses will often be faced with the tedious task of having to advertise new tenants. Students and young professionals, especially if they live in rooms to rent in London or other major cities like Birmingham and Manchester, frequently move houses. Although the rental markets in these cities are busy for most of the year, good publicity and well-organized tours can help make finding new tenants to rent your rooms easier and faster.

A well-written ad should provide tenants looking for rooms to rent with basic information: room size, shape, and decor, furniture in the room, other people living in the share house, and a brief description of the local area. This will minimize the time you spend on calls and you won’t need to explain all this information to everyone. If you notice multiple tenants asking the same questions, go back and include this information in the ad as well.

When receiving calls, it’s a good idea to ask tenants some basic questions, such as how long they expect to stay in the room and if they’re looking for a room to rent for themselves or if they’re a couple. Arranging for viewings and only then realizing that there are two or even more people waiting to share the same room, even though you are only looking for a single tenant, is wasting your tenant’s time and your own. Asking the right questions when speaking with the tenant on the phone will prevent this.

Show tenants around your shared flat or shared house

When scheduling showings, it’s a good idea to set a time a day or two in advance and ask all tenants to arrive within a one hour window, say between 2 and 3 pm Especially when looking for tenants to rent rooms in London, public transport delays can mean that tenants may arrive at the rental property later than expected. If more than one potential tenant shows up at the shared flat at the same time, you can always politely ask one of them to wait until you have finished showing the room to rent to the other person. Most fans won’t mind.

Let the occupants enter the room first, as this maximizes the impression of space. Putting a poster on the wall and a pretty bedspread on the bed will make an empty room instantly inviting and inviting. After viewing, simply take the poster and throw it away with you to reuse it in all of your other rooms for rent!

Questions and answers for prospective tenants

Make sure you know the answers to the most common questions renters ask, like: How much is the council tax? What other bills are there? How far away are the local shops? Where are the nearest public transport stops?

You should ask potential tenants where they have previously lived and about their current job without sounding too inquisitive. You’ll need to check their references before you sign the contract, but a few brief inquiries will quickly tell you if a tenant would be suitable to rent your room.

If a tenant is interested in taking the room, it is always a good idea to ask for a small deposit. This will ensure that the tenant is committed to living in the shared apartment and that he is unlikely to change his mind while he checks references and prepares the contract. Be sure to point out that the deposit is non-refundable, but will be credited against the first month’s rent. After the visit, email the tenant your standard rental application form to collect all the personal data and references necessary to finalize the rental agreement.

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