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How to write a video review online

Have you ever been asked to review a video online? Well, if it’s your first time, it won’t be easy for you. Sometimes when they are asked to do a review they want their opinion, other times they want a full review but not an opinion, rather they allow the reader of the review to decide.

It is not easy to write a video review online because you are taking something that is 3D and reducing it to words. Here is an online video review sample (with opinion) that can help you understand how to write an online video review:

Interview format

Ari and another gentleman were being interviewed by LawLine. The interviewer was interviewing both his son (David Shurman) and Ari. Ari is a former full-time practicing attorney who always enjoyed the interesting information he learned and the interesting people he met because of his profession, but not so much because of the paperwork, there were always tons of things to go through and he did. . diligently. He remembers regretting his days at work with his wife and telling her about the interesting people he met every night.


The main topic of the interviews was the increasing use of lawyers to use the Internet and informational marketing or, rather, use the Internet as a way to boost “expert status” using technologies such as blogging, iPod Casting, SEO (optimization search engines) and writing articles. Both interviewees proposed several relevant strategies in this arrival to help lawyers better market their services.

In fact, the interviewer (old school attorney) was simply in awe of the potential and new technologies and how this changed the game. An interesting example was a Chicago law firm that was able to capitalize on “Keywords” such as “I hurt my leg” to attract netizens to its website and then convert them into clients.

The interview showed the importance of having a presence on the Internet and how this is the new paradigm and law firms must adapt to this new technologically changing environment. Other examples of future technologies were intertwined in the interview to show that the future is now, the train has left the station, and law firms must move on if they are to remain competitive.

Problems with that interview

Ari touched her face too much, especially her ears. His body language suggested to me that he was severely suppressing his high energy and was being too conciliatory with the other interviewee, who also happened to be the son of the interviewer. It seemed that Ari was more qualified to discuss the subject, but he had to pretend that the interviewee’s son was his equal, he was nothing of the kind. The son responded with various statements that gave Ari credibility and yet Ari, although he played well, gave himself away because he knew he was far beyond the son’s knowledge base.

What I conclude:

It is problematic that lawyers have dominated every sector of the economy, the bureaucracy, the military, business and everyday life in America, now they are training other lawyers on how to take over the internet. This is typical of the selfish legal profession and how it provides little to no productivity and costs our economy billions each year in exasperated costs.

Interestingly, as lawyers start blogging, they will stay above the population on their content and sue anyone who disagrees with them. This will ruin yet another industry or sector. In this case, the largest communication system ever created in human history will be destroyed by lawyers, who have taken over the Information Highway of the future. Now the interview was valid in the sense that these strategies can work for any type of company, consultant and therefore the bar discussion / interview panel was worth watching.

Ari Kaplan has the proper patrician appearance and would be much better off in a single interview or with someone who is his equal, if someone can be found to promote various topics as an expert. You need someone to interview you who is wise and can keep up to date. You are slowing down your flow of information and your ability to speak at 165 words per minute. You need more time to speak and someone who can guide the flow of your knowledge base in an interview. People could learn a lot from Ari. The question is only, is the world ready to discuss things at a higher level?

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