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How to write technically for the layman

While writing a book or for a specific magazine or article site, you should use flowery language with flashy words, long sentences, phrases, or idioms. In short, you need all those elements that will make the text more catchy and will hook the readers! However, that is not the case in technical writing, that is, when you write for websites that are based on services or products. Built using advanced web development frameworks, they should be produced with clean and simple content that is conversational for buyers. Specifically, the content of the website must be representative of the services and the company. But why is it called technical writing? Good content on websites plays an important role in SEO and content marketing. It helps to get the backlinks and climb in the position of the websites in the search engines to get more visitors.

So, next time you’re preparing content for a high-end website or online application for your business, keep these tips in mind.

# 1 Know your target audience

The first thing you need to clear in your head is the target audience for your site. Whether it’s a group of businessmen or corporate service clients, they’re all lay people! Therefore, keep your vocabulary completely simple. Don’t use more technical words and flowery English to make content snappy. Instead, keep it completely simple, so that even a child can understand what you provide from your site.

# 2 Show but don’t dictate

Don’t dictate or describe everything about your products or services to visitors in text. Let them discover that gradually as they go through the different pages. It makes visitors curious and persuades them to visit more pages of your site in one session. So, show them what you provide, but don’t spell it out.

# 3 Use simple, short sentences and an active voice

It doesn’t really make sense to put too much technical stuff on websites. Most of the visitors are basically skimmers and like to finish things quickly. So, try using shorter and simpler sentences. And also use the active voice, as it is as if you are interacting directly with them.

# 4 Be assertive

Don’t assume that everyone knows your company, products, or services. They do not do it. But, they come to your site to find out. So write with absolute authority and command.

# 5 Avoid jargon

Your website is for the layman. Not just for the technically skilled! Be sure to include information that is also easily understandable to non-specialists. Even if you need to use complex, technical or niche terms, explain them or hyperlink to other pages that will give you their basic information.

# 6 Use text to complement the images

While you will place images at every relevant point or pages on the website, create content that will complement them perfectly. This will enhance the images on the site and make it more engaging for readers.

These explain web development, but they don’t end with creating a great website or app. But developers must also have some online content marketing ideas. They need to know exactly what can attract a good number of visitors to a website, as well as make it attractive from a design point of view.

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