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How come you heard before that it is a possibility to make money from your blog and you may be wondering how is this possible? And were they really meant to make money or just to record their personal thoughts? I’m not sure what they were intended for, but they are great ways to make money.

I have a personal blog which is just my little private place to connect and jot down my thoughts, but I also have my business blogs.

back to the start

To be honest with you, at the beginning of my blogging experience, I wasn’t sure what to do with my blog. I knew I wanted to make money from it, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know what I could do to not only be an asset to others so they would come back to my blog, but that I would still enjoy writing it.

So it was very important to me to find a topic that I was excited about and had enough to offer that I could blog about every week or so. After starting a blog that was meant to be just a supplement to my business at and struggling with the direction of that blog, I came across one of Alice Seba’s blogs, who used to write about her experience through a traffic. product.

So every two weeks he would update his progress through this course. She would tell us all about her successes with this product and how good it was for her business. And she got me thinking about how she could do something similar.

Blog focused on products/services

And this is when the light bulb moment went on in my head. That’s when I realized what I should have been doing all this time. I have been a member of an exclusive coaching program for business mothers.

Since joining this program, my business has been extremely successful. My income has increased over 10 times what it was before I joined, and my traffic has increased even more than that.

I enjoy and believe in this training program and it happens to have an affiliate program. I often received emails from other work-at-home moms who wanted my thoughts on this program.

Following the example of Alice’s blog, I decided to start my own blog. And called it Mom Masterminds Grad and it can be found at []

I use this blog for the purpose of documenting my successes with my business. My projects, new content added to my website, keyword phrases I was ranking for…etc. Basically, anything that has to do with my business that was directly or indirectly due to me joining mom’s masterminds, I write it down.

Not only was this the best move I could have made to promote this affiliate link, it also served as a great way to see for myself the successes my business was achieving and also keep me on track.

This is one way to make money with a blog. There are other ways to make money blogging if you don’t want to blog about a service or product you’re promoting.

side kick blog

For example, my blog at [] is an extra help for and my forums. This is a blog where I update my members on additions to the website, newsletter, and forums. And also use it as a vehicle to update members on any important telecommuting news and promote affiliate programs.

So this blog serves more than one purpose. My main goal with this blog is to drive traffic to certain sections of my website. I have a large website and it’s not always easy for people to find my information. This is a great way to keep certain new pages or sections of my website in the public eye and drive traffic to those pages. It also serves as a way to earn money with affiliate programs. And finally, it gives exposure to my forum and my newsletter.

There can be many ways and many topics that you can earn money and gain exposure to other businesses you may have, or they can help you become an expert in a certain field.

Just take the time to really think about what you could be writing about and then how you can make money from that too. You can take a look at other blogs to get an idea and see what other people are looking for.

Earn money with your blog – Resources:

Blogs to Riches – is an ebook detailing the ways you can make your blog profitable. And the really cool thing about this is that if you include the publisher’s link on your blog for 45 days, it will give you this ebook for free! If you don’t want to wait so long, you can also buy it for a low price. Read more about Blogging to Riches – []

How To Increase AdSense – Is an e-book on how to increase your AdSense earnings. This eBook is not designed specifically for blogs, but the information you will learn can be used with your blogs. (Plus websites and forums…anywhere you have adsense).

* Don’t know what AdSense is? Go to for more information.

Ready to blog?

Are you ready to make the leap to a blog? If so, it is really very easy to set up a blog. The only resource I have used for my old blog is and what I use for my current blogs is WordPress. Blogger is a great option for newbies and you can host it with them. WordPress is a bit more complicated and needs to be hosted on your own domain, but it is by far my favorite option for blogging.

Submit your blog

After you create your blog, you’ll want to submit it to blog directories to help get your blog out there. Some of the directories you can try are:

BlogWise – []

Blog search engine –

Blog Hub –

Daisy-Blog []

Get Blogs –

It’s Blogs –


Next, you need to add feeds to your blog. To add a feed, add a small graphic to your blog. It can be a “my yahoo” feed, an msn feed, or many other options.

When they click on that, they can add your blog to their personal feed page. Then, every time you add a new post, they get an alert on their Yahoo page that you’ve posted AND it even shows the subject of the post and how long ago it was posted.

This is one of the best resources I’ve found for getting people to come back to your blog. They can subscribe so easily and they will be updated automatically every time you’ve posted. It’s pretty easy to add an RSS feed to your blog. The resource I personally use is at

Blogging world beware, here I come!

Now, do you see how simple this really can be? You can make money blogging, get exposure for other business or websites, you can become an expert on a certain topic, you can create a blog for free, publish it for free and start a free RSS feed. Now get out there and start blogging.

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