Latest range of LG fridge freezers

It seems that today’s must-have kitchen appliance is a large fridge-freezer. The Americans came first, but the UK is catching up fast, and bigger is certainly the better. But it’s not just size that counts, looks are important too, and if you have a modern kitchen, one of LG’s new American-style fridge-freezers will beautifully complement your built-in units and other […]

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy and Philosophy

Why use lifecycle marketing? For many companies, the current recession has made one fact very clear: doing business the same way it used to just won’t work. Old sales and marketing methods are too inefficient, too expensive, and can pose a risk to the business itself. Putting off a change in marketing strategy for another year is no longer an […]

Recyclable is not the same as recycled

In theory, everything is recyclable. I could recycle a building, an airplane, a DVD, a camera … or even my toothbrush. For something recyclable to be truly recycled, someone must take that something and want to turn it into something new. That is exactly where the problem with the concept of recycling lies. In 1988-89 I was one of those […]

How to earn all trophies and achievements in Far Cry 3

Step 1: beat the story on easy difficulty, combat trophies This step is easy. Play the story on easy difficulty and have fun. Along the way, you must try to activate all the radio towers to discover the map completely. This will make it easier to find collectibles later. Maps for all collectible locations are available in the general store […]

Claude Muller’s Real Estate Megalomania: What Happens When Sharks Are Above the Law

While reading an article about Alexis Muller Pellerin, described as a rising star of the real estate world, I also discovered his grandfather, Claude Muller, a retired property developer in Cannes. I managed to find the book published by Hélène Constanty in 2015 “Razzia sur la Riviera” (Raid on the French Riviera). When you mention the real estate industry on […]

Egyptian Tattoo

Egyptian cat tattoos have a long history and can be found throughout history for thousands of years. In this article, I will cover some of the historical significance of Egyptian cat tattoos and also provide the information you need to help you choose the right Egyptian cacti to free you. More than 5000 years ago, Egyptians began to worship cats […]

When does a West Highland Terrier or Westie fully grow?

The West Highland White Terrier is an intelligent, lovable, active and fun-loving animal. I’m a bit biased, being the author of Crazy about westies. To be honest, I preferred bigger dogs until we got our Westie puppy named Pepper. Now I am completely convinced. I find it a lot of fun, especially when he plays soccer. It’s great for dribbling […]