Korean War: Victory or Defeat?

On paper and in history, the Korean War was considered neither a victory nor a defeat. Instead, a peace treaty and ceasefire were drawn up between them. The battles went on for 3 long years. On July 27, 1953, the two sides signed an armistice and a new border was established within a few miles of the original 1950 border. […]

A Basic Far Cry 4 Tutorial

As a fan of Far Cry, you know that the latest version of the game has new features that will make playing that much more fun. To jump in and get better scores, it helps to make use of this basic Far Cry 4 walkthrough so that you can continue to enjoy it all. As a summary, know that all […]

Different Facts You Should Know About Treadmills

Strength machines and free weights aren’t the only reasons to visit a gym. There’s a reason most treadmills stay busy too. Using a treadmill is considered the best way to get cardiovascular exercise while spending quality time with a family or friend or perhaps watching your favorite movie. Experts have emphasized that the benefits of a treadmill will go far […]

Do today’s law students need: a remedial study and a different external preparation for the bar?

The short answers are: it depends; and probably. Why? Because the students, the circumstances and the results of the bars have changed in the last decade. Traditionally, due to the general difficulty of state bar exams, most law school graduates had chosen to take some type of external bar prep course. Despite the rigors of law school and the emphasis […]

Organic bone broth

Healthy, tasty, delicious and much more Animal bones contain various nutrients including healthy fats, protein, calcium, and much more. Unlike some of our animal counterparts, humans cannot really open bones with their teeth. Therefore, we have devised our own convenient method to make use of the nutrients present in the bone. And, yes, broth is one of those convenient and, […]

What is a teddy bear poodle?

Most people say they are nothing like poodles. Teacup and Toy Teddy Bear Faced Poodles will look like puppies forever. It’s all about the adorable round fuzzy face. These poodles have a round head and eyes with a short nose and a wide muzzle. In fact, teacup poodles and toy poodles if kept in a teddy bear clip when groomed, […]

The ABC of song structure

I am certainly not one of those who tries to set specifics on how art should be created or performed (that defeats the purpose of art). Like many expressions of art, songwriting doesn’t have to follow strict rules, but for your music to have great appeal (if that’s what you’re looking for), it’s a good idea to understand the basic […]

Squeezing blood from a beet

You can’t get blood from a turnip, but you can get blood from a beet. In fact, you have to be careful with beets. They bruise easily despite their tough appearance and release juices from the slightest scratch. Beet juice will stain your clothes and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Why is this? The answer is […]