Practice safe chat on the net!

In this world of online communities and other adventures to discover, it is natural that all children are interested in getting on the train. It is natural for them to be interested in what is happening on the World Wide Web. But for those who are at a tender age below adolescence, it is important to be careful before starting! Children under the age of 12 should be discovering this interesting Internet world of online communities and international chat under the guidance and instructions of parents.

It sure is a learning experience chatting with old friends and making new ones. But sometimes you can fall into the wrong trap. It can fall into the hands of the bad guys or perverts who aren’t there for healthy chat, but for other petty purposes. So what should your kids do to make sure they are in a safe environment and having healthy fun while chatting with friends?

• Tell your parents what you are doing online. This is very important and will help your parents guide you to good chat sites.

• Chat with children their age and not with adults. Make sure you don’t give too much information to the other children. Talk with your parents in advance about the information that will be released.

• Try chatting about educational topics like science projects, interactive learning, and so on. You can also chat about your friend’s culture if he is from another country.

• Be vigilant and if you suspect something, inform your parents instantly.

• Never make any other contact than on the network. Do not reveal phone numbers, etc. without their parents verifying the other child’s credentials.

• Never receive obscene videos or images from other people and if they try to attract you to these things, inform your parents and stop talking to them.

• Chat only from your computer and never from your phone, etc.

• Never make chatting a habit. It should be a healthy hobby that becomes a learning experience for you.

• Chat within the limits set by your parents. Don’t lie to them and chat beyond their time limits.

So make a safe and healthy chat [] a part of your chat routine and you will see that you enjoy it. Exaggerating anything is bad!

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