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Rad Ball and Cycle Ball Bicycles


Cycle ball, if you are not familiar with this game, it is also known as Rad ball. It is said to be a combination of cycling and soccer and was invented by a German-American named Edward Kaufmann. It is considered an unusual sport in the United States, but has been around since the late 1800s. It first gained popularity in Europe and reached the distant shores of Asia, such as Japan.

How the game is played

Cycle ball is a fun game to watch. It is played around a basketball field with an area of ​​36 x 46 feet. The tiebreaker consists of two teams with two players per team. Players roam the field; and using their head and front wheels, they throw a ball through their opponent’s goals to score a point. The team with the most goals wins the game.

The professional gamer

Unlike other sports you see on the sports news, you cannot make money with Cycle Ball. Players normally have full-time jobs and train only during competitions. These games can cost players a lot of money in terms of bike expenses. Since these matches require unavoidable contact with each other, they often result in a great deal of money spent by players on cycle bikes alone. Still, the game is exciting and spectacular. Gamers typically spare no expense to get the best top-of-the-line bicycle wheels that are available on the market today.

The equipment used

The ball cycle bikes used for these games are specially built and optimized for Cycling Ball. These bikes are more durable than the bikes we ride to school. The rebuilt features of the cycle ball bike include: the seat is placed on the rear rim; single gear use for ease of movement and mobility, and; the handlebar points up. The bikes are heavier than regular bikes and cost around 2,000 euros or around $ 2,534 US dollars. For games, players must have a lot of practice and driving experience to maintain balance during shootouts and playtime.

What are Cycle Ball bikes?

Cycle Ball bikes are extraordinary bikes, unlike the bikes we normally see on the streets. They are specially designed for extra strength and special movements. These special moves would include turning, shooting, running, and braking and stopping. This bike is a stem, with a one-piece construction for its handlebars that are welded directly to the stem. This allows you to shoot hard during competitions and play. Other features would include:

1. The saddle is attached to a seat post that extends to the rear to allow you to pull your hips back when you play. This feature is particularly useful when a powerful kick is needed to keep it from falling.

2. The gear ratio and front rear are set at 1: 1 for better control and acceleration of the bikes. This would allow you to perform sudden rests, backspacks, dashes, and other movements without fear of tipping over.

3. The chains used are thicker than normal bikes and can withstand the rigors of play. The frames are also thicker to absorb the extremely strong forces generated during turning and shooting once you join these matches.

4. These bikes do not have brakes unlike the bikes we use regularly. To stop the bike, you or the players would have to use both feet to stop it.

5. The gears are capable of moving the bikes 2.5 to 3 meters per full pedal revolution, so it would be less tiring for you to pedal.

6. Acorn nuts use acorn nuts that are capped at the ends of the hub to prevent injury. These bikes also use a 24-tooth chain wheel and a 22-tooth fixed gear for easy mobility and riding comfort.

Ball cycle bikes have been tested for comfort, durability and safety. You can have one of those without fear of tipping over, and a guarantee that it will last for several years!

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