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Real Estate in India – Growth and Profits


Looking for office and residential space in India? If you’re not, you should be! India has the fourth largest economy in the world by gross domestic product, and is the second fastest growing major economy in the world. This is one of the biggest profit centers on the planet.

The value of Class A real estate is expected to grow eight to twelve percent per year.

Apart from big real estate values, India accounts for fifteen percent of world trade and sold more than four hundred billion dollars worth of goods and services in the last year.

Sometimes people do not realize that India is home to wonderful natural resources such as oil and reserves of eleven billion barrels of oil, ten percent of the world’s coal and twenty-five percent of the planet’s thorium. , the necessary ingredient for nuclear energy.

Every year, India exports petroleum, textiles, gems, jewelry, chemicals, and leather goods to all parts of the world.

Hundreds of big companies like IBM, Microsoft and Intel have huge offices and plants in India. If you want to be part of the global economy, you need to be here and you need great residential and office space.


India’s commercial and residential complexes rival anything built in the world for innovation, modern design and creative architecture.

Throughout India’s major cities, high-rise buildings, typically five to ten stories high, rise at confluences of steel and metal, replete with sinuous, circular glass curtain walls that reflect sunlight and shine in the deep blue sky. Space-framed glass ceilings offer views of the stars.

Green buildings with solar panels dot the landscape, and these buildings have all the modern conveniences you’ll find in London, New York, or any major metropolitan area.

India offers you a modern and fantastic place to work and live.


From Bangalore to Mumbai and Kolkata, to Hyderabad and Chennai, shiny new commercial space is available with all the comforts and extras found in commercial skyscrapers anywhere.

The square meters are available both for sale and for rent. Leases in metropolitan areas typically have terms of 3+3+3 years, with increases of twelve to fifteen percent after 36 months. Flat prices can range from 10,500 (INR) per square foot to 15,000 (INR) or more per square foot.

Parking is generally available in covered garages from 3,000 (INR) to 5,000 (INR) per month.

Building space is available in all major cities with annual rental yields of twelve to sixteen percent. Most developers will help with the leasing of the spaces and can guarantee a return for a while.

Many structures offer retail on the first floors, combined with office space above. Some include beauty salons, gyms, shops, food courts, and restaurants. You can find a mall with hundreds of stores and separate entrances that connect to your workplace.

Multiple elevators service the buildings, allowing easy entry and exit. Cooling is not a problem; Building codes require more than enough load capacity to maintain perfect climate control in each leased area. The halls are spectacular with water fountains and plants.

In cities like Delhi, all the major corporations like Oracle, Alcatel, and Dell are clustered in the business districts, making it easy to network and dine with business partners and customers. Or take a quick taxi to the conferences.


Within walking distance of your office or headquarters are high-rise residential towers, spread over ten to twenty acres with lush green lawns, landscaped gardens and jogging trails.

Clubs, restaurants, and cafes complement these urban complexes, and bus and train lines are within easy reach.

Many buildings include gyms, electronic surveillance, libraries, heated pools, and much more.

Remember, there are rupees in India and there are also lakes. One Lac is equal to 100,000 Rupees, and the following examples of income are denominated in Llacs.

Depending on the city, district, age of the building, and proximity to shops and offices, one-bedroom apartments (700 square feet) start at around 720 lacs per month. Two rooms with kitchens (1335 square feet) average 31 to 36 lakes; three bedrooms (1,300 to 1,800 square feet) range from 44 to 47 lakes; three large bedrooms (1,550 to 2,100 square feet) have 44 to 55 lacs, and a four-bedroom (3,500 square feet) can have up to 90 lacs.


It’s easy to compare commercial and residential real estate prices in the big cities of this Southeast Asian gem. Find a broker, do some research and start traveling. You will surely find the perfect location for your business, your investments and your lifestyle. India… has it all!

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