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SEO Marketing 2018: Top Trends To Focus On

In the world of search engine optimization, 2017 was a busy year in terms of an increase in voice search and strict rules for AMP (accelerated mobile pages). In 2018, there have been some more interesting developments that you can adopt to stay ahead of your competitors. Read on to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO marketing trends.

Custom search results

Over the past few years, personalized search results have steadily developed and are taking center stage in 2018. Regardless of whether it is browser cookies, individual search history, location, or interests, Google has emphasized the Importance of customizing the SERPs (search engine results pages) for individuals. Custom is expected to continue to be the point of emphasis thanks to the proliferation of smart speakers and other similar technological advancements. As this makes it a daunting task for businesses to determine how they rank or what they rank for, more and more businesses are turning to professional SEO marketing agencies for help.

Improved image and video search

Videos and images have featured a lot in online interactions in recent years. Faster internet speeds and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are some of the contributing factors, leading to increased engagement. To keep up with the improved engagement, Google and other search engines have been tweaking the way videos and images are displayed in search results. Although SEO marketing with videos and images is challenging, you get a high return on investment.

Voice search is gaining ground

In 2018, the sale of smart speakers, such as Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home, continue to increase. This is making voice search increasingly important. Unlike typing a search query on mobile devices or computers, users can now save time and use their voice to get the search results they are looking for. However, voice search queries differ greatly from written search queries. To stay up-to-date, you need to make sure that the keywords or phrases used are as natural as possible.

Increase in hyperlocal marketing

Hyperlocal marketing took off in 2017 as a way to target the target audience in close proximity to the business. Thanks to technological advances, it is now possible to target the local community much more closely. In fact, you can even target people by analyzing user behavior, purchase history, location, interests, etc. So you need to pay attention to your local SEO efforts to grow your brand locally.

Knowledge graph prevalence

Google’s knowledge graph has been around since 2012, but has only recently begun to replace featured snippets when web users ask questions. Compared to featured snippets that include a summary pulled from a web page, along with the link to the page, knowledge charts provide users with much more. For example, if you search for a movie, the results will not only show you the usual summary, but also information about the movie’s actors, movie times, cinemas, movie social media pages, etc. As knowledge charts provide users with more information than they have entered into Google search, more and more featured snippets are being replaced to give users a great search experience.

Beyond Google

Google is undoubtedly the dominant search engine and you need to optimize your web pages according to its algorithms. But, not everyone is using Google and you can’t depend on a single source for search engine traffic. Also, search engines like Yahoo and Bing have a high conversion rate. Therefore, optimize your web pages for Google as well as other search engines.

Stay ahead of your competitors by implementing the SEO marketing trends mentioned above. If you need more information, contact recognized professionals who offer SEO services.

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