What gift are you going to buy for dad this next Father’s Day?

For many years I have been quite poor at buying gifts for my dad on Father’s Day. This year I’m really looking forward to putting in an effort, so I’ve been mulling over the options.

The hot item that everyone’s mom (or dad!) Seems to want is Apple’s new iPad. No one (including the mighty Steve Jobs) has a particularly clear idea of ​​what it really is, but that doesn’t mean it won’t sell out entirely! As with many Apple products in the past, it has created quite a buzz around the product and that should make sales in the UK mirror those in the US, where it has proven to be very popular.

Overall: Almost everyone you know would like one of these, so … Score: 9/10

If your daddy has more gas head than a child prodigy, how about a driving experience in a Ferrari or Aston Martin! These are so much fun … just don’t crash! Priced at around £ 50 to £ 250, these would please just about any budding Stirling Moss (for those under 40, Google it!). Score: 8/10

For the more refined parent, how about a nice bottle of vintage champagne? There are a lot of great deals out there right now, so shop around! Score: 7/10

For the Beatles fans among our seniors, there are some new compilation albums that would make you very happy, I’m sure. Score: 5/10

How about a gliding experience for the most extreme dads? I know mine would love it! Score: 8/10

What else?

There are the usual ties, socks, etc. Another option would be some quality shirts … there are some London retailers that offer 4 shirts for £ 100 which is a great value. After shave is always popular … I’m sure High Street retailers will have some gift sets.

That’s a start anyway … I just need to make a decision now!

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