6 Surprising Benefits of Cold Water Therapy for Fat Loss, Detox, and Recovery

Much has been made lately about the benefits of cold water therapy for fat loss, detoxification, and recovery. “Cryotherapy”, o Cold water immersion, cold showers, cold gel packs, and cold water detox bathing (based on Louis Kuhne’s friction sitz bath) are popular with athletes and health seekers, and can equally benefit virtually everyone else. A long list of benefits is […]

Affiliate Marketing and Blogging – Pure Synergy

Blogging marketing offers a wonderful opportunity for anyone to make money online from home, although it will require persistence and patience. Building a loyal following takes time, even on business blogs, but the ways to earn income with this platform are seemingly endless. In fact, one of the best ways to monetize your site is with affiliate products. The combination […]

Disco Dogs!

If you are looking to adopt or purchase a disco dog then you have come to the right place. Many dog ​​breeds for sale or adoption make good discus dogs, but in general you’ll probably look for a mixed breed. Border Collies, Blue Heelers and Australian Shepards or their mixes are historically the best breeds for disc training. Keep in […]

How to sell your house

If you have a home and need to sell it for any reason, it requires some thought and planning effort. The most important task is to properly appraise your home. This can be done with the help of an agent or appraiser. There are also some online facilities available to establish the value of a property. You should factor in […]

10 Futuristic Tech Predictions for Inside Sales Teams

What is AI? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. I prefer automated intelligence. It is already with us in many ways. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Algorithms that help Google to be the smartest search engine in the galaxy. Stock markets around the world use Algos, as they are called, which allows for high-frequency trading using […]

Walking by Faith: The Story of Andrew DeVries

Athletics had always been the most important thing in my life. In fact, at the age of fifty-five, standing at six foot six, he had just tried out for Michigan’s senior men’s Olympic volleyball team, and there was a good chance he would make it. Then the tragedy happened. In a motorcycle accident, I shattered my left leg. The doctors […]

The Banana Run!

She loses her temper quite often nowadays. “Nothing surprising in the current circumstances,” reasons Nandini. Her life has been reduced to a saga of uninterrupted monotony, from morning to night, without rest, until she falls like a log into the double bed, more than half of which is always taken by Barun, the husband of her Well, she doesn’t mind […]