The 4 main tasks of a video game tester

When it comes to video game or computer game testing, game testers play just as important a role as developers and designers. Without anyone experienced to test the new games and find the bugs, games would hit the market and players would get upset when certain weapons, cheats, cars, etc., would not work properly. Without game testers to find the […]

The 10 Best Occasions to Serve Mocktails

As much as we all love a great cocktail recipe, there are times when it’s simply inappropriate to drink alcohol. Whether you’re serving underage youth or on the chopping block at your workplace, knowing when to keep it dry can literally save your life. Here are the top ten occasions when you should definitely go for a mocktail recipe for […]

Pre-Prepared Legal Documents – Why "Canned" Documents can get you canned

Watching the commercials on television late at night can be a great education for the estate planning attorney. It seems every channel has a pre-made or “canned” mailer of legal documents to “save you the cost of hiring a high-priced lawyer”: “Save thousands of dollars with our easy-to-fill form.” (insert type of document: wills, trusts, powers of attorney, deeds, etc.)!” […]

Pitbulls: Legitimate or Mixed-Breed Dog Breed

I’ll go straight to that. Pitbulls are legit breed of dog but are known by their official Name of American Pit Bull Terrier. Anything else is not a Pit Bull nor should it be. be called a pitbull. How did the whole “pit bull” thing come about? check? Good question so here is my answer… Fanciers of the breed refer […]

Jason Richardson Dunk or How to Increase Vertical Jump

In case you haven’t heard yet, Jason Richardson is now a Charlotte Bobcat! On June 28, 2007, Richardson, along with the draft rights to forward Jermareo Davidson’s 2007 draft pick from Golden State with the 36th pick, were traded to the Charlotte Bobcats for the draft rights to the 8th pick. Brandan Wright. But you probably know that J-Rich is […]