How to Start a Home Photography Business in North Carolina

After years of pursuing photography as an avid hobbyist, I finally decided to take the plunge and become a professional. I already owned all the necessary camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and other assorted equipment, and having my own business meant that future photography purchases would be tax deductible. A smart decision, right? The short answer, at least for me, was […]

Salt and apples fight chronic Lyme disease

Polyphenols were originally discovered during the search for the magic answer to the riddle posed by the “French paradox”. It turns out that, in the case of healthy French wine drinkers, it is the polyphenol in the grape that counteracts the unhealthy diet full of rich sauces, saturated fat, and “empty” calories that nutritionists would agree make up a diet.” […]

Collection Agency Business: How to Start

A collection agency is a company that pursues the debts of companies or individuals. Business owners and even individuals turn to collection agencies if they have trouble collecting payments from customers, especially when their accounts receivable are past due. Debt collection is a profitable business: In the United States alone, the debt collection industry earned more than $12 billion dollars […]