Types of Chinese dramas: modern, vintage and ancient

It is common knowledge that Chinese TV series or Chinese dramas or C-dramas offer various options and categories. However, most of us don’t know what the varieties entail. To speak comprehensively, C-dramas fall into three main groups. Each of them can have several genders. In this article, let’s see what are the types of Chinese dramas. Modern drama: Suggestive of […]

Confirm bank balances with a cash confirmation letter from the bank

The bank’s cash confirmation letter can be used in almost all types of financial statement audits. Accountants use this to confirm that the account holder has a certified balance with a financial institution or bank. The wording of the bank’s cash confirmation letter may include a statement that the account holder has provided the accountant with all necessary information at […]

The Advantages of High-priced Business Opportunities

In a world of countless business opportunities, many people decide to go for the cheapest they can find. If you are serious about building a profitable business, there are many reasons why it is more difficult with smaller ticket business opportunities. Reason 1: When businesses cost very little to start, it’s easy for people to not take them seriously. There […]

Questions investors are likely to ask you

Getting your startup financed is no small challenge. It is even more difficult when your startup is at an early stage when there are no “field” tests that can indicate the chances of success, such as a working product, happy customers, stable income, and so on. In the initial stage of a startup, the founders must demonstrate to investors that […]

Work from home: become a bulk SMS distributor

All you need is a computer to become a bulk SMS reseller. Work from home as a reseller and start earning now. This article explains who is an SMS reseller. And why should you choose the reseller business? Who is a bulk SMS reseller? In simple words, an SMS reseller is an intermediary between the consumer and the SMS provider. […]