2008 MLB World Series – Against all odds, the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the Philadelphia Phillies

Scheduled to start on October 22, the 2008 World Series is one that many oddsmakers didn’t see coming. 2008 will mark the first World Series appearance for the Tampa Bay Rays and the first Series appearance for the Philadelphia Phillies since their heartbreaking six-game loss in 1993 to the Toronto Blue Jays. different paths Heading into the 2008 season, Tampa […]

Credit cards and cross selling

Of all the credit products that financial institutions can cross-sell to a new or existing customer, credit cards are the easiest. Because? The most common analogy for cross-selling credit in the financial services industry is cross-selling in the fast food industry. Do you want fries with that? This question is perhaps the best example of cross-selling in its most fundamental […]

Hypnosis – Going to the Olympics

Lots of athletes; including Tiger Woods, golfer Jack Nicklaus, golfer Frank Bruno, WBC heavyweight champion, New York Mets players, Los Angeles Dodgers, Rod Carew, Minnesota Twins, Andre Agassi, tennis star, Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers coach, Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant and Shaqu O’Neal, Richard Lee, soccer goalie Brentford Pat Cash, tennis has used hypnosis and visualization techniques to […]

The Blackest Night Event in DC Comics

The Blackest Night event has become one of the most popular stories within Green Lantern comic book history and possibly comics in general. As for Green Lantern, he’s as iconic as the Sinestro Corps War, which in many ways led up to the Blackest Night event. This seemed to be essentially the most rewarding series for DC Comics of 2009-2010 […]