NFL 2006: New York Jets

The New York Jets hope to bounce back from a lousy 4-12 season in which Herm Edwards packed up and went to what he thinks are greener pastures in Kansas City. New coach Eric Mangini brings the system he learned from Bill Belichick in New England to New York in hopes of revitalizing a sagging franchise. Mangini was busy from […]

Green smoothie recipes made easy

Green smoothies are very easy to make, provide energy and health benefits, and are great for natural weight loss. My favorite benefit is that it is anti aging and nutrient dense. You will learn the top 10 tips for making healthy green smoothies. I use my Vitamix blender to make a smoothie every morning that I can have at breakfast […]

USC: Even when they’re bad, they’re amazing

Wow, what nonsense the USC Trojans put up against the Oregon Ducks last Saturday in Eugene. The offense didn’t fit in at all in the first half, the defense’s coverage and tackle was average at best. The rumor on the various sports forums and news sources I was browsing at the time was tense (many of which pointed to USC […]

Vaxxed: The dangerous provocation of anger among parents of autistic children

The movie Vaxxed, led by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, alleges that officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purposely withheld research data showing that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine causes autism in baby boys African Americans. One of these officials, Dr. William Thompson, finally felt sufficiently driven by conscience to inform the father of an autistic child, […]

Night shift

The night shift is the time interval of a 24-hour work operation that occurs between dusk and dawn, and it is the crew who work during that time interval. Most people relax to sleep through the night, although many consider it time to seek fun and merriment in many ways. But work patterns are the main driver of people who […]

MVP – Mike Vick’s Planet

I like it when people start to criticize and complain. He tells me that the fear of change it’s in the air and that’s the way they are forced to deal with it. It means to me that someone is doing something right. Of course, there are those who charge for give a derogatory word to keep any due exaggeration […]

Endangered Species of Baseball – Bunts

His book, Coaching Youth League Baseball, was written by College Hall of Fame coach Skip Bertman in 1975. Much of what he wrote about bunting is ignored today. However, it remains relevant as an example of how the game should be taught and played at all levels of baseball, not trying to catch up when a player reaches the major […]