Can Granny Flats Be Rent Out?

Granny Flats Be Rent Out Granny Flats are a great solution for homeowners who want to provide elderly parents, grandparents, or in-laws with a separate living space. They can also be a valuable addition to any property that needs extra income. However, building a Granny Flats can be challenging and complex, and the rules of each location vary, so it’s […]

What are penny auctions?

A friend recently introduced me to a number of sites that claim to sell valuable items at extremely low prices. Having never heard of Penny Auction and Reverse Auction, he was quite skeptical. The idea that someone is going to sell an Xbox 360, an iPod Touch or a PS3 slim in exchange is pretty crazy. But after further investigation, […]

Tips for finding home insurance at an affordable price

Buying home insurance can always be considered a good decision, as it gives you adequate financial coverage in case of theft, damage, theft, earthquake, storm or more. However, many people do not consider it a necessity and often avoid buying it to save money. Considering the benefits associated with home insurance, the price cannot be considered the best point of […]

Big profits, less work

One of the most profitable and most overlooked areas of real estate investing is probate estates. Probate simply means that the owner of the property is deceased and the property is in the hands of the executor of the estate. The goal of most executors is to liquidate the estate as quickly as possible so that the cash can be […]

How to invest wisely in real estate?

Investing in real estate is a great way to increase your possessions if done wisely and responsibly. It has become a more popular investment medium in the last fifty years. Although the real estate market is full of great gains and opportunities, it is much more complex than the usual investing in stocks. The various fields to invest in real […]

Realtors Vs The We Buy Houses Cash Companies

When deciding to sell your home you have two options. You can use the services of a real estate broker, or you can sell it yourself to a “We Buy Homes for Cash” company. Each scenario has its pros and cons, which we describe below. Every situation is different and we want to make sure you make the best decision […]