Main benefits of yoga classes

You probably know or at best have heard that taking yoga classes is great for you. Possibly you’ve even gotten curious and taken some yoga classes on your own a couple of times and learned on your own that it can really make you feel so much better. But have you really thought about the benefits they really bring? And […]

Exercise – How to use the elliptical machine safely

Tips for using the elliptical machine. The elliptical machine offers more when it comes to burning calories, building low muscular endurance, and exercising your cardiovascular system. I have assigned this machine to most of my fitness clients because it is a great piece of fitness equipment. It offers non-impact exercise that is safer on the joints. It also offers an […]

WOMEN – Build Muscle, Burn Fat & Lose Inches

Women love to lift light pink dumbbells to avoid bulking up. As a trainer, I personally enjoy the moment when a client comes up to me and tells me that she doesn’t like lifting weights because she doesn’t want to get “big” or because her “legs grow too fast with weights.” ” or some similar caution. These comments from women […]

Slurpy soup can lower your grocery bills

The soup doesn’t get the attention it deserves. In fact, many of us barely give a thought to soup. But serving a sorbet soup before the main course helps fill you up. Over time, this can lower your grocery bills because family members eat less. If you serve a large bowl of tomato soup, for example, you can serve a […]

Top 10 Health Tips

We are continually bombarded with tips and advice on how to live a healthier life. Many of us end up doing nothing because we feel overwhelmed to make a change! Below are 10 simple and some not very traditional tips to start improving your health and well-being. 1. Preparation: Preparation may not sound like traditional health advice, but it really […]