How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infections – You Will No Longer Worry About That Disgusting Smell

Yeast infection can cause discomfort, itching, immediate daily pain, uncomfortable and even painful sex, and ultimately predisposes you to vaginal infections. According to experts, if you want to get rid of yeast infection for good, opt for an antifungal program. Follow these steps and you will never get yeast infection again. Cut down on refined carbohydrates – Bread and most […]

Numerology of a sex symbol: Marilyn Monroe

[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Marilyn Monroe. Its purpose is simply to reveal the relationship between some aspects of her life and her numbers in furthering the understanding of numerology as a science.] In a world of notoriety, some people become famous, some rise to stardom, others transcend their fame to become icons. However, few become […]

Facts about the SOUL and REINCARNATION

1. There is no positive proof of the existence of souls, immortal karma, reincarnation or any other spiritual life. It is interesting to note that in their later years Hindu philosophers such as Osho Rajnish and J. Krishnamurti reversed themselves and claimed that there was no reincarnation. 2. There are obvious profit motives and political power for those who promote […]

Natural treatment for Giardia

Giardia is a protozoan parasite found in lakes, streams, ditches, and other outdoor water sources. The parasite is expelled by wild animals high up in the basin and, as the water descends, it is further contaminated by other animals that live near it. Any dog ​​or cat that drinks from a pond, river, or other natural water source is likely […]

Meaning of holistic healing

Holistic healing means taking a holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to lead a more balanced lifestyle. What primarily distinguishes holistic healing from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine is that physical health is not necessarily the primary focus. Still, it is often the experience of physical discomfort that will first prompt a person to seek […]