Do you need a license to sell organic skin care products?

In 2004, US cosmetics shoppers indicated that 66% of them use organic makeup products. The market for these products also increased from $190 million to $318 million in a five-year period. Because of these numbers, organic cosmetics are becoming more common and can be found in well-known stores across the country. This promising trend underscores current attitudes towards ecological causes […]

Could your health problems be caused by neurotoxins?

Neurotoxins are tiny compounds that can come from exposure to pathogens like bacteria and fungi; in these cases, they are known as biotoxins. Neurotoxins can also be free radicals. They create problems in the body that can lead to disease and premature death. Free radicals are tiny harmful particles that can result from exposure to chemicals and heavy metals like […]

why we exist

Because I am here? That I have to do? Where should I go? With who? What will happen when I’m gone? Why is there so much bread? What is the meaning of life? We are fortunate to have become sentient life forms. Evolution allowed us to get to this point. However, the ability to understand gives no more purpose to […]

Zetox – What is it?

Zetox for detox… Zetox is a new supplement that is getting quite a bit of press these days. People want to know exactly what Zetox is and if it’s worth spending money on. I have looked closely at this supplement and this is what I have found. Zetox is claimed to cleanse your body’s cells of toxic metals and chemicals […]

Rectal Thrush – How To Get Rid Of Nasty Anal Thrush

Rectal yeast infection is very similar to vaginal yeast infection. The only difference between the two is the site of infection. Anal yeast infection is commonly the result of unsafe anal sex, severe vaginal yeast infection, and a compromised immune system. The signs and symptoms are the same: irritation, foul-smelling discharge, and itching. The painful sore is aggravated by the […]

Satanism and the US Armed Forces

The United States has strayed far from its status as the nation of God. Former members of satanic cults tell us that these cults slowly and progressively lead new members into satanic worship over a long period of time. First, these satanic cults deny that God and Satan exist. They then admit that Satan exists but explain that he is […]

Thousand Island Chicken Breast

I love baked chicken breasts, but I don’t like to fry them. It’s because the pieces are sometimes big and I usually fry just chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings. I find white meat better baked or marinated in a sauce. Here is a simple recipe you can try for baked chicken breasts. I don’t eat Thousand Island dressing on salads. […]