The 5 Steps To Take If You Are Accused Of Selling Counterfeit Products

Long the province of street corner hawkers and car trunk sellers, counterfeit goods are now available almost everywhere. Even large retailers known for the quality of their products have been caught accidentally selling counterfeit products. To compound this problem, the quality of counterfeit products has improved and they have become much easier to obtain. Worse still, many of the major […]

How to write a video review online

Have you ever been asked to review a video online? Well, if it’s your first time, it won’t be easy for you. Sometimes when they are asked to do a review they want their opinion, other times they want a full review but not an opinion, rather they allow the reader of the review to decide. It is not easy […]

Major banks in the United States

There are thousands of banks in the United States. It is very difficult to decide which is the best bank. Here is the list of the best 1. JP Morgan Chase 2.533 billion dollars 2. Bank of America $ 2,281 billion 3. Wells Fargo $ 1.951 billion 4. Citi Bank $ 1,843 billion 5. Goldman Sachs $ 916 billion 6. […]

A Guide for Criminal Lawyers

A criminal attorney is someone who specializes in handling criminal cases with implications like arson, DUI, murder, robbery, etc. The main function of a criminal lawyer is to review the evidence and devise an effective defense strategy. Criminal attorneys work as defense attorneys or prosecutors. A criminal defense attorney will represent the accused, advise the client on legal matters, and […]

Tips for choosing the best SEO agency for law firms

In this age of the Internet and technology, no one turns the pages of newspapers or looks through the yellow pages to find contact information for law firms. Now everything is digitized, even the advertising of the firms. But to be visible on the search page when a person searches for “law firms”. These agencies will help increase search rankings […]

10 steps to building a bankruptcy practice

Many attorneys are trying to create a bankruptcy practice these days. Many make the critical mistake of using old-fashioned ways to get practice off the ground and end up being runners in their area as well. The competition is fierce and lawyers are working smarter, not just harder, to be successful. Ten Steps to Developing a Successful Bankruptcy Practice Join […]

Recognize Marketing Hoax (Fraud?) Before Becoming a Victim

Lately, I have been listening to a certain radio advertisement bombarding the New York subway news station that I enjoy listening to. The reason I like this station is simple: It’s smart, it’s interesting, and it conveys John Sterling / Susan Waldman Yankee commentary during the season’s games. However, this particular radio ad strikes me so full of misleading marketing […]