What Is Severance Pay Ontario?

Severance Pay Ontario The experience of losing your job can be a devastating one. It’s often sudden and traumatic, pulling the rug out from under you in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to process what happened, let alone figure out where you will work next or how you will pay your bills. That’s why it is important to […]

Is Severance Pay and Termination Pay the Same?

Severance Pay and Termination Pay A severance package is compensation paid to an employee when their employment ends, generally due to being laid off, a company downsizing or mutual agreement to part ways. A severance package usually includes money and benefits like continued health insurance coverage or an extended job search benefit. Severance packages are typically offered in exchange for […]

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Bail?

If You Don’t Pay Your Bail Bail is money that you put up to guarantee that you will show up for your scheduled court appearances. If you do, you will get your bail money back. Bail can be paid in cash or through a bond. If you are paying through a bond, the bondsman will charge you around 10% of […]

Maui Fire Lawyers Help With Wildfire-Related Cases

Maui Fire Lawyers Help Our Maui fire lawyers are here to help victims understand their legal options and protect their rights. Whether you suffered property damage, lost income, expensive evacuation costs or emotional trauma as a result of the Maui fire lawyers, our team can make sure that your insurance company pays you full compensation for your losses. We can […]

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Violence

I happen to live near one of the tragic “school shootings” of the recent past, and have seen how the grievance, anger, anguish, and upheaval have impacted our community. It has brought home that a general abhorrence of violence is not enough. While I’m sure others will have different, and perhaps wise, suggestions on how to reduce violence, these are […]

Information about sexual harassment claims

Sexual harassment is a crime under state and federal law. The law basically defines sexual harassment as unsolicited and unwanted sexual advances. It does not have to involve physical contact or action to be categorized as bullying. This can happen at the workplace, the hospital, school, the gym, the mall, and even at home. When it comes to sexual harassment […]

The believer’s reign

The preacher looked at the large congregation and said, “Is there a priest here today?” People were surprised and fidgeted in their seats. Many looked around to see if there was a man in the telltale collar. The pastor continued: “All the priests here this morning, please raise your hands.” Once again, people wondered if the pastor thought a busload […]

Can you start selling your invention before patenting it?

Chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies spend vast sums of money getting their employees to burn midnight oil and come up with great inventions, whether it be a novel drug to treat heart disease or a process to produce large quantities of a chemical used in the manufacture of plastic. They know that patents are powerful when it comes to resisting […]