Weight Loss – Weight Independence

Summer barbecue season can be taxing on weight management. Many start grilling around Memorial Day; others tend to grill year-round. Regardless of when you start, has the smell of roasting pork five miles away driven you crazy, or has your uncle’s famous Clam Bake made you feel like a beached whale? Whether you experience barbecues like these or not, picnics […]

Teaching children to write a journal

This is a subject near and dear to my heart just because I am a father who is hopelessly crazy about his children. Yes, I admit it, I admit it, I am a loving father! I can’t help it. I have four kids, each with different personalities (surprise, surprise) and only one of them doesn’t really care much for writing. […]

homemade toys

How often have you seen this happen during the holidays? Parents have spent a small fortune on the latest and greatest toy. After a few smiles and giggles, the parents take the toy out of its huge box and proceed to put it together. Meanwhile, the boy finds the box quite fascinating. By the time the toy is fully assembled, […]

Eight Warning Signs of a Bad School

How do parents find a good school? Public schools are not only crippled by dozens of bad ideas, but schools seem intentionally designed so parents can’t understand what’s really going on inside the classroom. It is probably more practical to be alert for danger signs that can be seen from a distance. Here is a checklist of the top eight […]

Learning Alternatives: Which One Is For You?

Introduction “Good morning, students,” Crabapple greeted M, standing front and center of the orderly classroom. A crowd of more than 30 students responded, “Good morning, M’s Crabapple.” She continued, “First we’ll take roll.” She then proceeded to call and mark each student as they responded, “present.” What followed was an explanation of the proposed lessons for the day. Blackboard work […]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts – Valentine’s Day gift ideas to surprise any sweetie

Although little is known about the actual origins of Valentine’s Day, it has always been a day that celebrates love. Modern convention dictates that flowers, jewelry or candy be given to honor someone special, while the oldest traditions of Valentine’s Day involve an exchange of handwritten notes or cards between lovers. To remember when Valentine’s Day was celebrated in a […]

children learning spanish

You are making an incredible decision if you want your children to learn Spanish. Scientific studies over the years have explained the benefits of children learning Spanish, and only a select few parents take the time and care to help their children in this process. Some of the benefits of teaching your child Spanish include: Higher scores on standardized tests […]

Have the kids help with the laundry

Doing laundry is one of those chores that you will do all your life. You produce clothes as a baby and continue to do so throughout your adult life. I believe that all adults, whether they are men or women, should know how to do laundry. Even small children can help with the laundry. Start by placing laundry hampers or […]