Before renting a student apartment in Edinburgh, let’s understand these questions first!

“To study in Britain, many students are students dormitory must first consider, but if unfortunately… Can not apply for to, then you will have to rent outside school student apartments. So students need to know what the problems in the process of student accommodation Edinburgh? There will come good in a foreign land and talk to you.

1. Research the location of the house before looking for housing, you need to study well in local districts, each district location, transportation, humanities and safety situation, and then pick out several districts ideal as a concentrated area to find room.

2. Online or mediation to find housing housing can be roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is rented student apartments on the network advertising, the second is to look for house agent to find a room. General students most like to see in online rent of student apartment ads to find room in order to save the cost of a commission, advised to choose a famous big room website, found and do know more and then make a decision. If you don’t have a rental apartment students experience or worry about be cheated and searching to find reputable intermediary to handle the room is a wise choice.

Before renting a student apartment in Edinburgh, let’s understand these questions first!

3. Schedule a time to contact each other to see don’t go to have a look at the field house is difficult to know the actual situation of the house, after all, pictures can’t reflect all the details of the house. Choose a room in first to see if facilities complete clean available, presence of safe hidden trouble. Moreover if more students apartment to live is to choose the live details of flatmate and personality in order to avoid dispute. If sharing with people live student apartments must be agreed with flatmate to avoid roommate take the unidentified person home. Shall not be arbitrarily the keys to the others, to avoid discrepancy personnel complex, etc.

4. And like the house of the landlord to discuss field house, choose their loved ones, give offer to the landlord, and write your own career, now live, and the price of the contract duration and come up with. Of course, sometimes may not be so formal. The landlord will according to your personal information and situation, in a pile of to read TaFang tenant scheduled each talk about an order. Special remind: no matter what kind of way to rent apartment students, British students renting apartments note most important is must be related to a contract, sign the formal rental student apartment contract with landlord. According to the British law, this contract is called Assured Shorthold Tenancy, the contract will take you and the landlord is very clear, the rights and obligations of the provisions of and the solution after the breach and termination of the agreement.

5. Invoice and have to pay the first rent with the landlord to pay money after you must remember to ask for invoice or receipt. In general, the first month of money includes: placement fee deposit (generally calculate by six weeks rent) for the first months rent. At this point, in addition to the ownership of the house other rights are owned by the tenant, even if the lease at this time have not made a start.

6. The first day of the lease term begins, to bring the key, move, check in.

If you have any questions about student accommodation in Edinburgh, welcome to call the small house, we will arrange professional consultant for you to do detailed answer seriously.

Edinburgh student accommodation before, first to learn about these problems!”

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