5 essential things to pack for a cruise in Thailand

While cruising, packing necessary items is essential. This helps make your trip more comfortable with the right things in your bag. The luggage list varies from traveler to traveler, but there are certain things that are common to travelers. The thrill of going on a cruise is that everything is available to passengers on the deck of the cruise ship. […]

Exercises to lose body fat

Body fat tends to accumulate around the midsection, especially on me. Getting rid of it is much more difficult than earning it, as most people know. There is no quick fix, magic pill, or magic potion that will allow you to lose weight. The only thing that really works, other than liposuction surgery, is exercises to lose body fat. Basically, […]

Teaching English in Asia

Being Malay, my personal experience tells me that most Asian educational institutions are still obsessed with the colonial mindset of preferring or loving native speakers as teachers of English. Having said that, of course, with hesitation, I would also admit that a native’s knowledge of the English language is not an automatic passport for employment anywhere abroad, but people from […]

The love is for ever

My magical cat, Silver, approached me in a dream. And then he brought me Jezibel. When my previous cat, Miss Winters, made the transition, I was deeply sorry. Friends kept calling me to tell me they knew of a cat that needed a home, but I knew she wasn’t ready for another. If she had had another cat before she […]

What Is A Pest Control London?

Pest Control London If you live in or around London, pest control in London is an area that is not short of options. Whether you need help with pesky termites, fleas, or perhaps bed bugs, Pest Control London has the option for you. At Pestcure, we work through the city and are at the forefront of integrated pest control, working […]

Four deficiencies in IT delivery

Although the importance and need for innovation and delivery through information technology has grown in recent years, some of the IT delivery requests do not produce the results and benefits expected by the customers involved. It is essential to understand why. During 2017, we conducted surveys to obtain feedback from business units on their assessment of the quality of IT […]

Mohammad Nabi Omari: short biography of one of the five Taliban

ALIAS: Mohammed Nabi, Maulawi Mohammed Nabi Date of birth: January 1, 1968 Metakhan village, Khowst Province, Afghanistan Citizenship: Afghanistan, Risk level: HIGH, likely poses a threat to the US, its interests and allies Intelligence value: HIGH Rank / Position: Border Security, senior Taliban official in “multiple functions” Education: Naryab Madrassa Kahi Madrassa, Zargary and Kohat madrasas in Kohat, Pakistan Imprisoned: […]

Bohemian kaftan maxi dresses and resort wear

Bohemian, breezy maxi dresses or kaftans are the perfect style statement for summer, spring days, and beach vacations. The flowy, elegant and beautiful embellished kaftans, inspired by world travel, are effortlessly glamorous and easy to wear. This cotton kaftan with cashmere embroidery and a touch of ’70s fashion is one of my favorite holiday dresses. I wear it as a […]