Common Foods for Dog That You Should Not Feed Your Canines

Common Foods for Dog

Yes, dogs can indeed eat bread but it must be served in moderation only. Bread is certainly not harmful for your canine buddy. However, you have to be very careful about the selection of bread before giving it to your pet dog. If your canine isn’t allergic to any of the main ingredients used in the bread then by all means then you can go ahead and add it into one of his meals. If however, you do happen to notice any negative symptoms from your canine’s eating of the bread then you have got to take him off the diet immediately to prevent serious consequences from occurring.

Dogs can eat small amounts of bread dough. This is quite alright as long as their stomachs are able to process and digest the food properly. This is because the typical commercial bread dough contains preservatives which are actually toxic to dogs if consumed in large quantities. However, you can still feed your canine small amounts of bread dough and you can also place some of it inside his bowl. Remember, different sized dogs have different capacities when it comes to their stomachs.

can dogs eat bread

You should not over feed your canine in relation to his size. Remember, smaller dogs are at a greater risk of developing vomiting if they are over fed. As such, you should only add a small amount of treats in between meals so that your pooch doesn’t become too hungry. Just like small children, smaller canines really should not be given a lot of table scraps and snacks during the day. Table scraps will only add to their fats, thus negating the efficacy of feeding them diet as a whole.

Common Foods for Dog That You Should Not Feed Your Canines

Another ingredient that can cause problems for dogs is garlic. Some dog owners feed their canines garlic in the form of garlic bread. This can be a tempting idea since garlic has a pungent odor, much like onions, and since it is easily available in stores, this can also be a very tempting offering. However, this is one item that should only be given sparingly. The reason why is that garlic contains sulfoxides which are known to be toxic to canines. If ingested, canines can develop diarrhea, nasal and stomach infections, and even death.

Another thing that can prove fatal is raisins. Again, these are a sugary treat so feeding them can be very tempting. It is advised that you cut out this item completely from your canine’s diet because the sugar in raisins can cause excessive weight gain and cause hyperactivity in canines. Also, it is imperative that you make sure that you do not feed your canines grapes or cherries because these too can be deadly. Ingesting grapes can cause hallucinations and seizures while cherries can lead to cardiac arrest, which is why it is important that you cut out these items completely from your canine’s diet.

There are many other foods that you should avoid feeding your pets because they contain yeast and other ingredients that can prove fatal when ingested by your canines. Feeding them wheat or corn instead of these items will help cut down on your vet bills as well as provide your canines with more vitamins and minerals. In order to make sure that your canine does not have problems with this type of food, you should make sure that you do not give them bread dough or other foods that contain yeast. Feeding your canine wheat instead of regular bread may also prove beneficial. By providing your pet with a wheat-free diet, you can be sure that your pet will live a long, happy, and healthy life.

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