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Fun things to do in Goa

Fun things to do in Goa

Hello! It has been a while that the new cosmic energies have not yet disappeared in your life, which brings a bit of joy. I heard you are in Goa these days. True to its name, Goa, the land of beaches, ensures that holidays should have a magnetic charm forever. Before delving into the beauty of Goa, there are certain requirements that you must meet. Forget the mundane activities of your life, activate your vacation mode and just enjoy your trip to Goa.

For starters, you need to book a Goa hotel that helps you relax and is in the center of most tourist attractions. As childish as it may sound, good Goa accommodation is the key to a great vacation. In addition to beaches, casinos, adventure sports, and nightlife, there are four bizarre to-dos for which Goa is largely crowded. I have spilled the beans for you to read ahead and identify the mysteries.

Caves in Goa

We doubt what we hear, but seeing is believing, isn’t it? If Goa’s preconceived idea is beaches and nightlife, I’m sure visiting Goa Caves is sure to break it. There are several caves that have earned their recognition, but there are few unexplored. Arvalem Caves are also known as Pandava Caves, which are famous for their historical significance. Legend has it that the Pandavas stayed in the Arvalem Caves during their exile. Also, there are Shivlingas in the caves. Lamgau Caves are surrounded by palm trees and have Shivlingam, Tulsi and the image of Nandi fixed on them. Also, Rivona is derived from the Sanskrit word Rishi Vana, which means forest of the sages.

Visit Cumbarjua

Spending a day with crocodiles !!! Not really, but up to a point. Also, if you fall into the suspense category, this chilling activity is for you. All that is required is agility and a great instinct that squeezes out a lot of adrenaline. Just visit this small town of Cumbarjua which is famous for crocodiles. Here crocodiles bask in the sun, or rather in their habitat, unlike zoos.

Hire a beach shack

Sounds fun right? Plus, you can rent a cabana on the beach and enjoy a good amount of stay at a profit. You just have to pay the fee and hire the hut operator who is licensed as the hut manager. That’s it, now run it as you wish. Also, if you have some culinary skills, serving some exotic dishes would also help you get some fame. Having a beach hut is always great as chances are someone will like you, and then eureka!

Stop by Keri Village

Keri Village is known for its Ayurvedic treatments. This town is about 8 km from Ponda. And, a visit to this place will fulfill your mission by rejuvenating yourself. That is not me, it is the perception of people who consider Ayurveda as the source of rejuvenation. This stop will take all the stress out of you and fill you with amazing energy. However, not as happening as it seems, but there are hotels in Goa near this secluded place that offers tranquility. A must see for visitors who want to see Ayurvedic doctors or gather some knowledge about natural and holistic treatments.

Again, I must say, Goa is one of those vacation destinations that leaves marks of beauty in your memory that last forever until the next visit. And the process continues forever, with each visit from you.

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